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The last month has been really non-stop for me. I had to get ready for our Vegas Vacation/NAB, and the week before I spent at work trying to make sure all my code fixes were checked in (C++). A lot of long hours to make sure I was covered. I thought I was all set with everything but that is never what really happens. Only in a perfect world do you checkin code and never have bugs reported against your stuff. I came back this week to a couple 14 hour days of fixing problems and debugging. The vacation was better so I will talk about that. The vacation started off well enough. vigora 100mg pills $54.00 I went to Apple's - "The Production Value of HD" event held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel - Rivoli Ballroom. Apple went through all the features of the new [vigora 100mg pills $54.00] FCP HD 5. 0. Vigora 100mg pills $54.00 after the showcase was a nice social gathering with food and drink supplied by apple. It was a nice little get together. Later that evening vigora 100mg pills $54.00, Avid had their "Worldwide User Event" at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. The Event was less of a product showcase and more of a social event to meet other people in the Industry that use Avid products. I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of new faces. I also saw other people I have worked with in the past. A lot of free drinks. . . The food was just o. k. Later that evening everyone met at the Round Bar (still Hard Rock). A lot of talking and meeting people that knew other people that I know. Very small world we live in. It is ironic that Apple and Avid had their pre-show events on the same day. They dueled all week at the show with their show booths right next to each other. I think Apple is winning the war from what I witnessed during NAB. I have to get back to finishing a couple things. . . . To be continued

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