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I can't believe our society can actually fashion a new type of job out of the Napster era. The days of people being obsessed with downloading music that didn't belong to them turned many people into Playlist junkies. I have known many friends that would suck up the bandwidth their employer paid for by downloading gigs and gigs of music. So much so, they would never have time to listen to it all. These same people would sit at home and burn mix CDs for all occasions and mail those CDs out to friends. This is essentially the making of playlists. Propecia 5mg pills $205.00 the fact that apple's itunes actually has a special playlist feature has made this process easier. Now these same people are able to continue this OCD behavior with much less effort. As a society propecia 5mg pills $205.00, we have recognized this new OCD and decided to give it a job description - "MP3 Playlist propecia 5mg pills $205.00 consultant". Large companies hire these people to create playlists that will be played through their venue as mood music. It is a pretty odd [propecia 5mg pills $205.00] thing to pay for since a lot of music genres can be streamed for free from services like . The streams can be captures as MP3 files and saved. Recording streaming radio is like recording analog radio - there is no law against it. Why pay someone $30 - $200 an hour for a service someone in the marketing dept can pull off? Anyway. . . . here is a link to the that spawned my little rant.

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