Image Array Javascript Slideshow

I have been doing some experimenting with the JavaScript Image Object and found some pretty cool tricks for reloading an image array. The code for reloading the array is very simple. The loadImageArray() function takes the group image count and the name of the group as arguments. The image names incorporate the group name and contain an index number to the image. The swapImage() function takes direction as an argument and allows the image array to be iterated through in either direction. Check out the example code ->

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MBTA Fitchburg Express No-Show

It seems so ironic that the new Fitchburg express (Train 408) into Boston never showed up today because the train broke down. The MBTA just added this train to the schedule to try and hush the grumbling of so many unhappy commuters on that line. The unhappiness is because of so many years of terrible service and because the MBTA raised the monthly pass cost $30 and $40 for areas past West Concord, MA. The raise went into effect in February for all MBTA lines but the Fitchburg line is notorious for late trains and trains that don’t show. Why pay more for the same bad service? “So we can fix the problems” was the MBTA answer. How is adding an express train that has been late four times since its maiden voyage fixing the problems? In fact the maiden voyage train broke down and wound up being 5 minutes late.
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Quicktime Javascript Examples

I had a request to post some examples of Javascript controls for Quicktime movies. Here are the code samples.

This is the Javascript that controls to use:

<script language="JavaScript">
/* a javascript function that takes a QT movie and calls its "Play" method */
function PlayIt(anObj)
/* a javascript function that takes a QT movie and calls its "Stop" method */
function StopIt(anObj)
/* a javascript function that takes a QT movie and calls its "Rewind" method */
function StartIt(anObj)
/* a javascript function that takes a QT movie and calls its "Reverse" method */
function ReverseIt(anObj)
/* a javascript function that takes a QT movie and calls its "Reverse" method */
function ForwardIt(anObj)


This is the QuickTime embedding sample:

<object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
 codebase="" id="movie1" height="240" width="320"> 
<param name="src" value="../movies/">
<param name="AUTOPLAY" value="false">
<param name="CONTROLLER" value="false">
<embed src="../movies/" name="movie1" enablejavascript="true" controller="false" autoplay="false" height="240" width="320">

This is a sample form containing all play buttons:

<form name="theform">
<input name="reverse" value="Rwd" onclick="javascript:ReverseIt(document.movie1);" type="button">
<input name="play" value="Play" onclick="document.movie1.Play();" type="button">
<input name="stop" value="Stop" onclick="document.movie1.Stop();" type="button">
<input name="forward" value="Fwd" onclick="javascript:ForwardIt(document.movie1);" type="button">
<input name="begin" value="Start Over" onclick="javascript:StartIt(document.movie1);" type="button">

Back from the abyss

I haven’t posted to my blog in some time because of work, school, and personal obligations. I am going to try and get back on track and stay focused on the customization of this site. I put some time in the other night to clean up some of the layout. I also started work on my own MT template.

More to come later…

FreeHand vs. Illustrator

I am currently sitting at my café style table having a morning latté with my wife. I just opened the latest issue of Macworld magazine (11/03) and started reading the “Feedback” section. I finished reading one called “Free to Be Dissatisfied” where the reader is complaining about a Studio MX review that didn’t include much info about Freehand MX. I am taking this opportunity to answer one of the questions that came out of this readers rant:

Adobe Illustrator has no similar importing and exporting capability for FreeHand – is that a con, too?
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Distractions Everywhere


I haven’t been working on my site as much as I had hoped over the past month. I should be posting more but distractions have been everywhere. I have had housework to do and family obligations. My hobbiest endeavors are always the first thing to go. I am planning on getting back to my CSS and design work soon. I also have a side project using some new Photoshop JavaScripting that I will be posting updates about.

-Catch you on the other side

Quicktime JavaScript Controls

I have been trying to use JavaScript to control QuickTime within the new Safari browser from Apple. The only browser running on OSX that the controls worked for was Netscape. A summary from Apple’s Web site shows this to be true:

  • QuickTime 4.1 is scriptable using Netscape 4 or 5 on Windows and

  • QuickTime 6 is scriptable using Internet Explorer on Windows, and
    most or all Netscape or Mozilla-based browsers on Windows or Macintosh.

  • Plug-ins are not scriptable using Internet Explorer for Macintosh