Media100 Alumni Group

I worked for Media 100 (video editing software & hardware) in a former life. I have just been re-introduced to that life by joining a new Yahoo! group setup for M100 Alumni. I would like to thank Matt Allard for coming up with a great idea!

If anyone from the group reads this leave a comment.

Happy holidays to all!!

Red Sox Rule!!

So, I have been staying up for the last three weeks watching every Sox Post-Season match up. I am so glad they won and it is all over. I need some sleep!

I have to tell you that winning eight straight games in the playoffs is pretty much unheard of. I did some searching and there is no information on any team doing this. This Red Sox team could be one of the best teams in history! And we were all here to witness it.


Who is Pedro’s Daddy?

A long time ago…in a place not so far away…

George Steinbrenner: “Join the Dark Side, Pedro”
Pedro: “I will never join you”
George Steinbrenner: “Pedro (long pause), I am your daddy ”

George Steinbrenner: “If you cannot be turned then perhaps your sister will”
Pedro: “NO!! Daddy NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ” ( Pedro throws George to the ground and runs away)

Photoshop CS Scripting

I beta tested CS last year and wrote several scripts to automate production type tasks. The main script I need to rewrite and post for download is called DataDriver CS. The idea behind the plugin (script) is that users fill in an Excel spreadsheet to change layers, colors, text, etc. in many Photoshop files at once. Print production departments should be able to utilize the script to change image layers and text for add layouts that don’t change except for say prices and products.

I had a finalized version but have to admit I overwrote it when I installed the full version of PSCS after the Beta was over. I never thought about moving my scripts before installing. I have been in software development long enough to know better.

I finally have the time to start it over again. This time it should be a little easier since I did it once already. I will post the different stages of JavaScript development as I go….So check back

Sharing the iTunes Music Folder between Multiple Users under OS X


I wanted to have a common iTunes library between user accounts on the same machine to make life a little easier (my iLife that is). This feat is very easily accomplished by changing the iTunes Music folder location for all User Accounts to point at the same directory. The directory can be anywhere that a folder can be placed. I have a self-powered external Lacie firewire drive where all my machines music is stored.

Setting up the Master folder:

  1. Decide where you want to have your music stored. You can either create a new folder, or you can also use an existing folder, in which case you don’t do anything for this step.
  2. From the iTunes Application menu select preferences, select the Advanced Setting screen by clicking on the gear icon at the far right.
  3. The iTunes Music folder location path can now be viewed. It can be changed by clicking the Change… button and navigating to your folder of choice.
  4. Repeat the above steps for all User Accounts.

Setting Folder Permissions:

  1. From the Finder, select your new iTunes Music folder and choose Get Info (Command > i ) from the File menu.
  2. From the Info window, click the delta next to the Ownership & Permissions category. Then click the delta next to Details.
  3. You will have to be the owner of this folder or have Admin privileges to make changes.
  4. Click the padlock icon to unlock the detail menus.
  5. Change the Group menu to guest.
  6. Change the Access and Others menus to Read & Write.
  7. Click the padlock icon to lock the details menus and close the info window.
  8. The iTunes Music folder can now be accessed and written to by all User Accounts on your macintosh.

User Workflow:

Users now only have to update their own iTunes library when they know another User has added songs to the Master library.

Do the following:

  1. From the iTunes File menu, select Add to Library… (Command > o), and navigate to the Master iTunes folder. Then click the Choose button to update your library.
  2. Your iTunes library will be updated with any new songs within your master folder. This includes any music located in directories within the master folder. iTunes will not add songs that have already been added in the past.

Why is this a good solution?

Apple gives us the ability to share our music with Rendezvous but other User Accounts can view the music only if the other User Accounts are logged on at the same time. The users that are logged on also have to be running iTunes. The Music sharing Apple provides is also read only to the other accounts that you are allowing to share your music.

The solution above takes care of all these shortcomings.