Quicktime Scripting & RTSP

Using scripting to control Quicktime Movies when those movies are for streaming looses Audio Video Sync. It isn’t really apparent at first but certain function calls should cause the audio to stop or even slow down along with the video. When function calls are made the video reacts but the audio does not. I have reported the issue to Apple and they are currently working on it. Continue to read if you want to know the specifics of the issue…

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Long Time, No Posts

I have been so busy the last two months. I feel so terrible that I haven’t updated my blog with any posts. What are you going to do? Life is busy and then you get caught up.

I am currently in Cape Cod on vacation sitting at the Coffee Obsession in Woods Hole, MA. I will be here all week checking out the film festival. My good friend J.C. Bouvier is the managing director. Dan Berube is working the XWhaves part of the WHFF website. And I am probably going to get involved this week helping with Podcasts and Vodcasts during the week.

I am going to be working on side projects all week, taking in the beach, riding the bike trail, and just all out relaxing. Check back daily because I plan on posting some interesting stuff. I my even post some new QuickTime development information.

Juice Fast Preperation

Well, I didn’t realize it wasn’t a good idea to jump into the JF without doing the outlined prep the week before. I actually didn’t read that section I went straight to the diet section of my guide.

I was suppose to wean myself off caffeine, alcohol, milk products, wheat products, and any other said to be toxic product I indulge in. I didn’t do that. That is why the caffeine was giving me such problems. I couldn’t function like I normally do. I will wean myself of caffeine over the next two weeks and try again.

I say this as I drink Starbucks Breakfast Blend…

Caffeine Tired

I am nearing the end of day 1 (7 day juice fast). I am figuring out that caffeine must be a big part of my life. I didn’t even realize how it effects me. I am so freakin’ tired and could just curl up and sleep ’til tomorrow.

I see the negative effects so clearly that I know I had a caffeine addiction. If this juice fast does anything it will get me off caffeine. Here is a nice little article that opens your eyes to “How Caffeine Works”.

7 Day juice fast (Day 1)

I have decided to head down the path of a seven day juice fast. I have done a lot of studying about the benefits. I want to see what all the hype is about. It should be a good mental and physical test for my mind and body. I will report back daily on how things are going.

NAB Vegas Vacation (Part 1)

The last month has been really non-stop for me. I had to get ready for our Vegas Vacation/NAB, and the week before I spent at work trying to make sure all my code fixes were checked in (C++). A lot of long hours to make sure I was covered. I thought I was all set with everything but that is never what really happens. Only in a perfect world do you checkin code and never have bugs reported against your stuff. I came back this week to a couple 14 hour days of fixing problems and debugging. The vacation was better so I will talk about that.

The vacation started off well enough. I went to Apple’s – “The Production Value of HD” event held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel – Rivoli Ballroom. Apple went through all the features of the new FCP HD 5.0. After the showcase was a nice social gathering with food and drink supplied by Apple. It was a nice little get together.

Later that evening, Avid had their “Worldwide User Event” at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. The Event was less of a product showcase and more of a social event to meet other people in the Industry that use Avid products. I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of new faces. I also saw other people I have worked with in the past. A lot of free drinks… The food was just o.k.

Later that evening everyone met at the Round Bar (still Hard Rock). A lot of talking and meeting people that knew other people that I know. Very small world we live in.

It is ironic that Apple and Avid had their pre-show events on the same day. They dueled all week at the show with their show booths right next to each other. I think Apple is winning the war from what I witnessed during NAB.

I have to get back to finishing a couple things….To be continued

2005 The Year of Re-Programming

I have been trying to find myself lately and haven’t had too much luck. I am the type of person who needs to hammer out a timeline and stick to a schedule. When I don’t I feel very unaccomplished. I think I need to change some things in 2005!

I want to loose weight, get in shape, and become much less stressed out. I need not worry about things so much. I guess I am much like the society I live in. Everyone I see is stressed, worked to the bone, and just plain tired. It is just the way it is. The thing is I can say “That’s life” and do nothing OR I can change my programming.
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