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The next release of DraftControl is ready for beta. It is pretty stable so I am confident it is production ready. I would like some feedback about where the controls are located on the DC panel. I think all controls should be located at the top and bottom of the page depending on how many drafts are being viewed. (i. e. If 5 drafts are viewed per paging then controls at the bottom only are fine lyrica 150mg pills 270 $369.00, but if 100 drafts are viewed per paging then sometime scrolling to the bottom is a pain. Let me know what you think. . . I haven't implemented that yet. Lyrica 150mg pills 270 $369.00 ) new version 1. 2 Features: Supports Versions 1. 5+, 2. 0+ Number of viewable drafts per page is changeable Publish individual Drafts from Draft Control multi-publish if you need that kind of power Fixed adding Categories to a draft without leaving Draft Control. (support for multiple cats coming soon) Previous Features: Change the Owner of [lyrica 150mg pills 270 $369.00] a draft for individual entrees without leaving Draft Control. Delete individual Drafts from Draft Control multi-delete if you need that kind of power Installation: Save the draftcontrol. php file to your wp-content/plugins/directory Activate the plugin within Wordpress in the Plugins section Usage: Go to the Manage section of WP and then select "Draft lyrica 150mg pills 270 $369.00 Control". The controls are pretty much self explanatory.

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