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I never realized how many people just follow the crowd. Lumigan I never realized how many people don't like to make their own decisions. Lumigan They would rather follow the person in front of them. Lumigan This is simply an observation I have made from watching my fellow daily commuters take the train into Boston. Commuters board the train and follow the person in front of them into a car that is practically full. Lumigan People start jamming themselves into seats and never think twice to check how full another car is. Lumigan I understand when the whole train is full but when other cars are half empty it is completely ridiculous not to think about being comfortable, lumigan personal space, lumigan or your fellow commuter. Lumigan To prove this point, lumigan I got up and moved two cars down today when the “Unconscious Migration” happened. Lumigan I sat in comfort with another person in a three seater. Lumigan There were also several three seaters that only contained one person. Lumigan I would say that out of seven cars three were packed and the others were sparsely populated. Lumigan The conductor even told people that there was ample seating two cars down. Another observation of these same individuals is that they will enter a 200 person car that only has 10 people on it and sit down right next to you. Lumigan What is that all about? Talk about an invasion of personal space. Lumigan I get up and move to an empty seat. Lumigan When the train is full I don’t care but when it is empty it is just creepy.