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I am finally getting back to revisiting Photoshop Scripting. I beta tested with Photoshop CS and wrote tons of scripts. Celebrex 100mg pills $115.00 things have changed in cs2 but for the better :)

new features in cs2 scripting:

  • file includes
  • self contained scriptlet (new file extension)
  • script events

it is a one liner to celebrex 100mg pills $115.00 include files in your cs2 script.

//Global contants or variables can be defined in another file. //This line should go before any code that will execute methods. // @include "YourFileToInclude. jsx"

The self contained scriptlet is also a one liner.

// This enables double clicking on the Mac OS or on Windows // This line of code should be first if you want your script // to be a self contained scriptlet #target photoshop

The Scripting Events feature is not so much about coding but more about executing scripts when a given event happens within Photoshop CS2. Let's say I always want a specific size of document, specific font selection, specific ruler units celebrex 100mg pills $115.00, and specific font color selected whenever I create a new document. [celebrex 100mg pills $115.00] I can write a script that will execute on CS2's New Document Event. (That is another how to).

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