Azi Sandoz

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I turned 35 today and said to myself "How did I get here?". Azi sandoz That question alone spawned many other questions and then memories of where I have been. Azi sandoz I don't think I am the ordinary 35 year old. Azi sandoz Or at least I wasn't the ordinary kid growing up in small town U.S.A. Azi sandoz I have lived in 12 states and move 22 times in my life. Azi sandoz States Ken Villines has lived (in order):

  • Oklahoma
  • New Jersey
  • Indiana (2 moves)*
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Tennesee (2 moves)*
  • Missouri
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas (3 moves)*
  • Missouri (2 moves)*
  • Connecticut (3 moves)*
  • Massachusetts(3 moves)*
  • * this total includes the original move to the state
While growing up my social skills had to adapt to fitting in very quickly. Azi sandoz Children can be cruel especially to outsiders. Azi sandoz I gained skills other people didn't have and knew how to get people to like me. Azi sandoz If I had a list of the people I have touched in my life it would probably fill a room. Azi sandoz This is going to be the first entry in the Chronology of Ken Villines. Azi sandoz I really need to find trace where I have been and where this life has taken me. Azi sandoz Keep checking back if you are interested.