Monthly Archives: March 2006

WordPress DraftControl Plugin – 1.2 Beta 1

The next release of DraftControl is ready for beta. It is pretty stable so I am confident it is production ready. I would like some feedback about where the controls are located on the DC panel. I think all controls should be located at the top and bottom of the page depending on how many drafts are being viewed. (i.e. If 5 drafts are viewed per paging then controls at the bottom only are fine, but if 100 drafts are viewed per paging then sometime scrolling to the bottom is a pain. Let me know what you think…I haven’t implemented that yet.)

New Version 1.2 Features:
Supports Versions 1.5+, 2.0+
Number of viewable drafts per page is changeable
Publish individual Drafts from Draft Control
multi-publish if you need that kind of power
Fixed adding Categories to a draft without leaving Draft Control. (support for multiple cats coming soon)

Previous Features:
Change the Owner of a draft for individual entrees without leaving Draft Control.
Delete individual Drafts from Draft Control
multi-delete if you need that kind of power

Save the draftcontrol.php file to your wp-content/plugins/directory
Activate the plugin within WordPress in the Plugins section

Go to the Manage section of WP and then select “Draft Control”.
The controls are pretty much self explanatory.

Download DraftControl 1.2 Beta 1

Spring Cleanup

Well it is that time of year again, the leaves are budding and the flowers are blooming. I spent some time this weekend giving the yard a quick cleanup, or what I thought would be quick. I raked up about 10 thirty gallon bags of pine needles and leaves. And this was just from the yard.

The wife helped with the flower beds. I did the fast raking of the beds while she did all the detail work. I think she got every leaf from under every bush. And she uncovered all the flowers starting to push through the ground. We made a great team.

I have a little work left in the back yard (this weekend). And I still have to do some patch painting on windows and doors but all looks good around the Villines household.