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Red Sox Rule!!

October 29, 2004

So, I have been staying up for the last three weeks watching every Sox Post-Season match up. I am so glad they won and it is all over. I need some sleep!

I have to tell you that winning eight straight games in the playoffs is pretty much unheard of. I did some searching and there is no information on any team doing this. This Red Sox team could be one of the best teams in history! And we were all here to witness it.


Who is Pedro’s Daddy?

October 13, 2004

A long time ago…in a place not so far away…

George Steinbrenner: “Join the Dark Side, Pedro”
Pedro: “I will never join you”
George Steinbrenner: “Pedro (long pause), I am your daddy ”

George Steinbrenner: “If you cannot be turned then perhaps your sister will”
Pedro: “NO!! Daddy NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ” ( Pedro throws George to the ground and runs away)

Photoshop CS Scripting

October 8, 2004

I beta tested CS last year and wrote several scripts to automate production type tasks. The main script I need to rewrite and post for download is called DataDriver CS. The idea behind the plugin (script) is that users fill in an Excel spreadsheet to change layers, colors, text, etc. in many Photoshop files at once. Print production departments should be able to utilize the script to change image layers and text for add layouts that don’t change except for say prices and products.

I had a finalized version but have to admit I overwrote it when I installed the full version of PSCS after the Beta was over. I never thought about moving my scripts before installing. I have been in software development long enough to know better.

I finally have the time to start it over again. This time it should be a little easier since I did it once already. I will post the different stages of JavaScript development as I go….So check back

Patriots and Red Sox Play Today!!

October 3, 2004

It is going to be a pretty nice day in Boston. The weather is going to be great!

The Patriots play the Buffalo Bills and the Red Sox are playing their last game of the Regular season. The wife and I are heading to The Point in Faneuil Hall to catch both games. It should be a pretty good time!

4 Minute Delay – MT Recently Updated

October 2, 2004

It looks like I was wrong when I thought my MT update keys didn’t work. I did an experiment and found they are working. I also discovered there is about a four minute delay from the time I post, to the time, I show up on the list. I also found the MT update key for my wife’s blog works too.