Monthly Archives: September 2003

Getting Started with MT

Well it is Thursday evening and “Must See T.V.” is all new this fall!! I am on the bed with my Powerbook G4 setting up my moveabletype powered website. I am planning on progressively updating the site over the next couple of weeks. The flexibility you get from customizing the site CSS is great! I am also planning on experimenting with index templates and catagories. I see great potential with individual catagories having their own index templates.

Blah, Blah, Blah…. My wife would say “Borrring!!” right about now.

I have the initial setup complete and have chosen a nice looking default style so I think I will hit the sack. I have to wake at 5am to catch the T into Boston and then workout before I startup my Dell (yuk). I love macs but the people who pay me use PCs. I hope to make site enhancements fast and furious (come back and check them out).

See you on the other side…