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Quicktime Scripting & RTSP

Using scripting to control Quicktime Movies when those movies are for streaming looses Audio Video Sync. It isn’t really apparent at first but certain function calls should cause the audio to stop or even slow down along with the video. When function calls are made the video reacts but the audio does not. I have reported the issue to Apple and they are currently working on it. Continue to read if you want to know the specifics of the issue…

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Photoshop CS Scripting

I beta tested CS last year and wrote several scripts to automate production type tasks. The main script I need to rewrite and post for download is called DataDriver CS. The idea behind the plugin (script) is that users fill in an Excel spreadsheet to change layers, colors, text, etc. in many Photoshop files at once. Print production departments should be able to utilize the script to change image layers and text for add layouts that don’t change except for say prices and products.

I had a finalized version but have to admit I overwrote it when I installed the full version of PSCS after the Beta was over. I never thought about moving my scripts before installing. I have been in software development long enough to know better.

I finally have the time to start it over again. This time it should be a little easier since I did it once already. I will post the different stages of JavaScript development as I go….So check back

New CSS wrapper completed

Well, I finally got my site looking good again. I put all DIVs into a wrapper only to break everything and have to rewrite my CSS. I had more problems with float:left and float:right then I ever want to have again. I ran into many issue between IE vs. standards compliant browers (SCB). When the CSS was wrong the rendering flow was different from browser to browser. It made it very hard to tell if the problem was in a style or a xhtml tag issue. It wound up being mainly CSS issues but along the way I clean up my main index too. It is time to hit the grind stone again.

MT 3.0 Released and Costly

I am very surprised and upset by the MT news surrounding the recent 3.0 release. I, like many others, had been under the impression that there were two versions being released. The MT 3.0 Free version and Pro version didn’t get released but a Developer Edition did. There are many, many discussions going on about the pricing and possible alternatives. I am planning on following this to see where it goes. SixApart could open the free version features up if a lot of users jump ship. And it looks like there is going to be a mass exodus or many that continue to use version 2.5. There is a great chart put together by Derek Balling that breaks down the CMS alternatives.

What is RSS anyway?

If you are new to Blogging or have been out of the loop for a while in regards to new web technology, then you probably aren’t familiar with RSS. You probably have seen RSS logos on different various blogs but might not be familiar with them. I also contest that you may have clicked on an RSS link and viewed news stories listed in XML format. If you knew what you were looking at, you probably didn’t know what you had stumbled upon. You stumbled upon the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. RSS is a way of publishing data, in the XML standard, to interested parties without having those parties jump through hoops to retrieve the data.

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Image Array Javascript Slideshow

I have been doing some experimenting with the JavaScript Image Object and found some pretty cool tricks for reloading an image array. The code for reloading the array is very simple. The loadImageArray() function takes the group image count and the name of the group as arguments. The image names incorporate the group name and contain an index number to the image. The swapImage() function takes direction as an argument and allows the image array to be iterated through in either direction. Check out the example code ->

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