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So Damn Rude!!

People are just so damn rude in today’s society. I go through my day with no ill intentions at all. I find myself surrounded by people, who I don’t know, but who cut me off either while driving, in the Grocery store, in the office workspace, or on the sidewalk.

I have to say this generalization is really an Eastern Massachusetts cultural phenomenon. While driving, one needs to be on their toes in this state, because anyone at any time will pull out from a side street in front of you. People in Mass are so impatient and I have watch the roads get worse over the last 8 years. It seems everyone is in a competition out on the roads.

Scenario 1 (Happens a minimum of three times a week): I am the only one on the road at 6:30 am. The posted speed limit is 45 and I am driving 50. Another car pulls up on a side street to my right and has no real time to pull out and should just wait on me to pass, remember no cars behind me. The driver guns it and pulls out anyway. I have to slam on my breaks but this is the way Mass drivers are. The more expensive the car the worse the drivers are. I guess being rude and thinking they own the road correlates to the amount of money and where you are in the social society. “I am better then you! Get out of my way!!”

Scenario 2 (Happens every time I am at the grocer): The same people that pull out in front of you do the same thing with their grocery carts. It is completely unbelievable that this behavior goes on. A mother (soccer mom) with her kids speeds through the isles. She pushes out in front of you when coming to the end and pulling into traffic instead of being polite and waiting. She at times will run into your cart and look at you like “Why didn’t you let me in!” and all along I am thinking “What are you doing you psycho!”

Scenario 3 (Happens on a daily basis): Walking down a hallway, there are two sides (just like a road), “GET ON YOUR SIDE!!” I hate it when three people bum rush into a hall way and take up the whole area. They push the single traveler, who was already in the hallway and going the other way, up against the wall. What the hell is up with that?!? This happens out on the side walk too. I want to yell “Get on your side of the street you idiots! Other people are trying to walk too!!”

If this way of life is happening in other areas of the country, please chime in and let me know I am not alone!

Red Sox Rule!!

So, I have been staying up for the last three weeks watching every Sox Post-Season match up. I am so glad they won and it is all over. I need some sleep!

I have to tell you that winning eight straight games in the playoffs is pretty much unheard of. I did some searching and there is no information on any team doing this. This Red Sox team could be one of the best teams in history! And we were all here to witness it.


Who is Pedro’s Daddy?

A long time ago…in a place not so far away…

George Steinbrenner: “Join the Dark Side, Pedro”
Pedro: “I will never join you”
George Steinbrenner: “Pedro (long pause), I am your daddy ”

George Steinbrenner: “If you cannot be turned then perhaps your sister will”
Pedro: “NO!! Daddy NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ” ( Pedro throws George to the ground and runs away)