Cleaning up CSS

Well, I am cleaning up some Style Sheets this morning and found some problems in the sheets and in my html. The real problem is that no browser caught the problem except for Safari on Mac OS X and Opera on all platfroms.

This code works fine:

<a href="$bracelet_url" CLASS="navleft">Bracelets</a>

But what I didn’t notice was that I put the navleft class into the table tag that contained the links. A mistake that no browser caught so I thought everything was fine. I didn’t run my code through the standards validation and should have (I will next time). This was on the table:

<TABLE WIDTH="140" bgcolor="#ffffff" BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" valign="top" CLASS="navleft">

It caused the whole table to take on the HOVER attributes for the background color. It is interesting that IE and NS both ignored the navleft on the table tag since it obviously isn’t an href tag. Is it a bug? and if it is then who’s bug is it? I think we can chalk this up to another difference between the browsers.

I am going to research what the standards site says…be back later.

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