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I have been trying to use JavaScript to control QuickTime within the new Safari browser from Apple. The only browser running on OSX that the controls worked for was Netscape. A summary from Apple’s Web site shows this to be true:

  • QuickTime 4.1 is scriptable using Netscape 4 or 5 on Windows and

  • QuickTime 6 is scriptable using Internet Explorer on Windows, and
    most or all Netscape or Mozilla-based browsers on Windows or Macintosh.

  • Plug-ins are not scriptable using Internet Explorer for Macintosh
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    1. Hi

      I am trying to get these “controls” working using mozilla (1.6)/netscape.

      So far I have got it working fine using M$ IE, but as for anything else…..

      I have tried most things, have you got any ideas, or sample scripts that work?

      I am using quiktime 6.5

      Any help would be appreciated

    2. Hi all,

      I am trying to run the control, specifically setRate(), on IE with QT 6, but it does not seem to function properly. I am using the sample code from Apple site for the and tags, and using javascript to pass in the object, as following:

      (withi script)

      function FF(obj)




      but the function was just ignore, as I trace the server side log, there is nothing issued by the QT object. Other function like Start, Pause, and Rewind did process by the QT object.

      I am receving RTSP video (only) stream. The stream server is liveMedia from live.com.

      Thanks for reading.



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