MBTA Fitchburg Express No-Show

It seems so ironic that the new Fitchburg express (Train 408) into Boston never showed up today because the train broke down. The MBTA just added this train to the schedule to try and hush the grumbling of so many unhappy commuters on that line. The unhappiness is because of so many years of terrible service and because the MBTA raised the monthly pass cost $30 and $40 for areas past West Concord, MA. The raise went into effect in February for all MBTA lines but the Fitchburg line is notorious for late trains and trains that don’t show. Why pay more for the same bad service? “So we can fix the problems” was the MBTA answer. How is adding an express train that has been late four times since its maiden voyage fixing the problems? In fact the maiden voyage train broke down and wound up being 5 minutes late.

The story today “Fitchburg Express is a NO-SHOW” just goes to show how the line needs new trains and people to run them. I just don’t understand why they didn’t just move into another train when the express broke down. The train doesn’t run in Fitchburg so get out and switch trains. They just cancelled the train instead. The next train (Train 410) also wound up being 20 or 30 minutes behind schedule. That train went ahead and picked everyone up and had three trains worth of people standing. The train was so crowded the conductors couldn’t collect money. The funny thing is that another train (Train 412) was 8 minutes behind the crowded train and was pretty much empty. Why didn’t the conductors on the crowded train announce that people should wait and get on the next train? That way the conductors could still collect money from passengers and it wouldn’t have been a safety hazard. It seems to be common sense but I think some of the conductors have no brains or have been on the line so long they really could give a shit less. So they MBTA lost money because they couldn’t collect from a crowded train and they are going to loose money when they have to send money to everyone they made late this morning with their “On Time Arrival Guarantee”. It is no wonder that they had to raise the cost of monthly passes. They aren’t making money because of employee incompetence and rust buckets for trains.

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