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» Wordpress DraftControl Plugin – New Version Soon Ken Villines 1.0

WordPress DraftControl Plugin – New Version Soon

I am working on a new version of my DraftControl plugin for WordPress. This version will support WP 2.0 and also batch publishing. I have a full feature list but I need to get this out because a lot of people are moving to the latest version of WP. The next release will be DC 1.2 with version 1.5 to follow very soon after. I need beta testers so if you are interested contact me at ken[at]kenvillines[dot]com.

4 Responses to “WordPress DraftControl Plugin – New Version Soon”

  1. Edd Says:

    Great news, this would be such a useful plugin for my site. I’d be willing to beta test this if you need it because I am very interested in using this plugin.

  2. Ken Villines Says:

    I have started developing the new version and thought it would be quick. I ran into some issues with WP 2.0. There have been some database and API interface changes that are causing me to change how things work. I will send more info out to the email list.

    Glad you are signing up for the beta.


  3. Edd Says:

    Just a little feature request – would it be possible to intergrate the plugin with role manager so that I can determine who gets to use DraftControl and who doesn’t?
    Thanks :)

  4. toolvicarious Says:

    Are you still working on this plugin?
    I get this error when I activate it :(
    I am running WordPress
    What am I doing wrong?
    Help me please!

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