Reflecting on 35 years

I turned 35 today and said to myself “How did I get here?”. That question alone spawned many other questions and then memories of where I have been. I don’t think I am the ordinary 35 year old. Or at least I wasn’t the ordinary kid growing up in small town U.S.A. I have lived in 12 states and move 22 times in my life.

States Ken Villines has lived (in order):

  • Oklahoma
  • New Jersey
  • Indiana (2 moves)*
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Tennesee (2 moves)*
  • Missouri
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas (3 moves)*
  • Missouri (2 moves)*
  • Connecticut (3 moves)*
  • Massachusetts(3 moves)*
  • * this total includes the original move to the state

While growing up my social skills had to adapt to fitting in very quickly. Children can be cruel especially to outsiders. I gained skills other people didn’t have and knew how to get people to like me. If I had a list of the people I have touched in my life it would probably fill a room. This is going to be the first entry in the Chronology of Ken Villines. I really need to find trace where I have been and where this life has taken me. Keep checking back if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on 35 years

  1. Ok…here’s my move list:

    Manhattan, NY Born 1971
    Philly, PA area 1974
    Sag Harbor, NY 1975
    East Hampton, NY 1975
    Orange, CT 1976-77
    Fairfield, CT 2x 1978-79
    Newark, NJ 1980-81
    Arvada, CO 2x 1981-82
    Denver, CO 1983
    La Mesa, CA 1984
    Wilmot, NH 1985
    New London, NH 1986-88
    Various, NH-MA 1989-90
    Fitchburg, MA 1991-95
    Oak Bluffs, MA Summer 95
    SLC, UT 1996-98
    Cape Cod, MA Summers 1996-1998
    Fitchburg, MA 1998-2000
    Groton, MA 2001
    N. Attleboro, MA 2002-03
    W. Townsend, MA 2004-05

    Roughly 25 times…but not everything is accounted for here…

  2. Hey JC,
    I have you beat by 3 states. I also am wondering how you lived in two states at the same time?

    SLC, UT 1996-98
    Cape Cod, MA Summers 1996-1998

    I don’t think vacationing in UT for Sundance actually counts? I also don’t know if living at the cape for the summers actually counts either? I am actually talking about packing up and filling an entire moving van and completely relocating.


  3. Well Ken…I suppose the roaming between SLC and CC is disqualified…even though I did pack my shit and move it from place to place…that said…I did not account for a few moves in between there because I simply can’t recall exactly where they were…so you beat me…I guess…beater.

  4. Wow. 35…I turn 20 in June and I often ask myself that same question. How did I get here? Not only physically, but mentally. Sometimes I wonder about the things I’ve gone through and the people I’ve met. Do all the things happen for a reason or is life a series of random events? I used to move around a lot when I was younger also do to my parents being in the military so I have grown very accustomed to the role of the new kid or the loner.

    One of my favorite sayings has always been, “I used to think that I didn’t have a place in this world. So I tried to make one for myself. Then I realized that I had a place. I was just the only one in it.”

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