7 Day juice fast (Day 1)

I have decided to head down the path of a seven day juice fast. I have done a lot of studying about the benefits. I want to see what all the hype is about. It should be a good mental and physical test for my mind and body. I will report back daily on how things are going.

4 thoughts on “7 Day juice fast (Day 1)

  1. I am about to begin the same. Recently, I completed a two-month herbal colon cleanse followed by 3 sessions of colonics…Yet, I still feel, not unclean, but heavy and feel the need to “lighten up”. I heard about the juice fast and I have determined to do it–without the detox herbs–What have you heard and what do you expect from it?

  2. @Diane

    I never had time to start the Juice fast again. I am planning on starting it again sometime this summer (2006). As far as what I expect?… Is a general cleansing of the body naturally taking place because of the types of juice being drank. Have you started the Fast yet?

  3. I did the fast–sort of–in that I did days 1 to 4 and then, due to exterior circumstances, I had to quit. I also must admit that every day at some point, usually in the late afternoon, I became so hungry that I ate something small…That was over about two weeks ago and since then I have noticed that my appetite is substantially diminished and I cannot eat so much at any meal. My goal, besides the clean and light feeling, is to reset my metabolism so that I can finally start to lose accumulated weight. So far, this has had the above effect, and I generally feel better.
    I do intend to try this again sometime within the next month or so. I guess we are both planning this in the future. It is a hard thing to do. Maybe after several tries it will get easier.

  4. I have done a 3 day all natural liver/gall bladder flush and I felt stronge enough to take on the 7-day juice fast. I was surprised at how good I felt after and during the 7 days. It was tough, but I recommend it to anyone. All my little aches and pains dissappeared and I felt energetic after the 4th day. It was a good prelude into becoming a vegetarian.

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