Ozark Brewing Company Closing

I learned some very sad news today about a place I used to frequent. In another life I lived in NW Arkansas and went to the University of Arkansas. One of the classier places to go was the Ozark Brewing Company at 430 W. Dickson Street. The news is that they have closed their doors.

I am sad because I will miss having a place to meet friends when I go home for visits. Join me in saying good bye to an old Friend.


2 thoughts on “Ozark Brewing Company Closing

  1. The No-Smoking law is just a cop-out. I’ve been to Colorado and California this year, which have almost total no-smoking and their brewpubs are doing a great business. If the food and Brews aren’t both good then eventually these pubs go under.
    I was in Fayetteville last weekend and was disapointed that Ozark had closed, but don’t blame it on the smoking laws. Smokers only make up about 30 to 35 percent of the population any more and every restaurant I visit while traveling around the country always has a full non-smoking area and seats available in the smoking section.
    Get a life people and make good beer and food!

  2. Hi, I was a hostess for OBC when they closed, and the reason they closed had nothing to do with the smoking ban… If you went there so often then you would know they completely changed the menu to one with a lot of seafood and hardly any of the favorites from the original menu. People got angry and there were many negative comments about it. Also, a kitchen manager quit, several employees quit, and basically bad business decisions closed the brew pub.

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