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I have finally changed my blog preferences to “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. I am tired of dealing with 200 spam comments a day. The problem just keeps getting worse and I make no money from my personal blog. If people get use out of my site, gain insite into tech problems, or use code I have written, then registering to comment shouldn’t be a big deal. The people who don’t like this policy will just have to live with it.

2 thoughts on “Must be logged in to comment

  1. Man this is a pain to register in order to reply to a post.
    can you not use an image showing a distorded serie a letter and number that the poster need to copy. it work well.
    Anyway I have just registered cause I found the solution of a bug after searching a long time and wanted to help out other web developper like me.
    It s importatnt to talk and share but it even more important to listen and by a registration you stoping other people talking to you or collaborating on your subject.


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